If you’ve ever stood at the base of Mount Washmore, you now intimidating the laundry pile can be. However, there are a few things that can help limit your laundry.


Shower Before Bed

It makes sense to wash your pajamas if you don’t shower or bathe before bed. They can get soiled with the dirt and sweat of the day. However, you also carry that dirt into your bed. You can extend the time between washes for both your pajamas and your sheets if you switch to showering at night.


Reuse Towels

You should be clean after bathing, so it shouldn’t be necessary to wash your towels every time you use them. It is important to hang them up after use so that they can dry. After three uses, your towel should be washed.


Reduce the Stash

It is tempting to buy more clothes to reduce the time between loads of laundry. This can create more of a problem than it solves. You will have more clothes to wash, and over time it can be harder to motivate yourself to tackle a huge pile of dirty clothes. It’s better to streamline your closet and wash smaller loads.