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Dryer Repair Troubleshooting Guide: Dryer Won’t Spin

When your dryer won’t spin, it can be tempting to throw in the towel and rush out to buy a new one, especially if you have a load of wet clothes waiting to dry. A malfunctioning dryer doesn’t have to completely disrupt your laundry. The following dryer repair troubleshooting guide can help you locate and fix the issue. It Is Fixed Appliance Repair can also help. We have trained technicians available seven days a week in Atlanta, and the Metro Atlanta area. We work nights and weekends, so contact us for a same day* appointment.

Possible Cause: Dryer Not Getting Power

If your dryer doesn’t turn on, the drum can’t spin. The first step is to verify the dryer is getting power.

Check the outlet. Vibrations can loosen the connection from the power cord and the wall outlet. To ensure a firm connection, unplug the dryer from the wall, and plug it back in.

Check the breaker box.  A power surge or fluctuation may have tripped the circuit breaker for the dryer. To fix, flip the breaker switch to the off position, and then flip it back to the on position.

Possible Cause: Dryer Door Open

As a safety feature, a dryer won’t tumble if the door is open. Even if the door appears closed, clothes wedged between the door and the dryer can prevent the door from making a stable connection.

Fix: Open the dry door. Make sure all articles of clothes are inside the dryer drum. Close the door firmly, ensuring a solid connection. Start the dryer.

Note: If the dryer is overloaded, the weight of the clothes may prevent the door from closing properly. If you cannot get the door to stay closed, remove some clothing from the drum and dry them in a separate cycle.

Warning: It is critical to disconnect the dryer from the power before attempting any of the following troubleshooting steps.  

Possible Cause: Broken Dryer Door Switch

The door switch detects whether the dryer is open or closed. If the dryer registers the door as open, it won’t tumble. If the dryer won’t spin when the door is firmly closed, a defective door switch may be the culprit. The only way to accurately test the door switch is with a multimeter. If you do not have access to a multimeter, an It Is Fixed dryer repair technician can test your door switch and replace it if needed. Contact us today for a same day* service call.

Possible Cause: Broken or Slipped Dryer Belt

Dryers use a motor to turn the drum, and that motor is connected to the drum via a belt and a system of pulleys. If the dryer belt breaks or slips, the dryer won’t spin.

To determine if the belt is the issue, manually spin the dryer from inside the drum. When you turn it, you should feel some resistance. If the drum spins freely, or you can’t turn it at all, the issue is likely the dryer belt.

Inspect the dryer belt. For this step, tools are needed. Following the instructions in your owner’s manual, remove the shell of your dryer. In some dryers you may only need to remove the back panel. The belt should be firm, flexible, and securely seated in the pulleys. You should be able to turn the dryer drum by gently pulling the belt. If the belt is broken, cracked, or worn, it will need to be replaced. If the belt is in good condition, but will not turn, the culprit may be the motor or pulley system. See below for more troubleshooting steps.

Note: If you need a new belt, It Is Fixed Appliance Repair can replace the necessary part. We carry original parts from most manufacturers, and can often repair your dryer on the same day you call. Contact us for assistance.

Possible Cause: Worn or Broken Dryer Pulley Assembly

The pulley assembly helps maintain tension on the dryer belt so it won’t slip under a load. These parts can wear out over time, and may need to be replaced. If you checked the dryer belt and it is working correctly the pulley assembly may be defective.

he number and type of pulleys in your dryer depends on your model. In general, pulleys are rubber or plastic wheels that the dryer belt threads through. If the pulleys are not functioning properly the belt may slip, allowing the drum to spin freely. You may also hear a squeak or squealing noise when you turn the dryer drum. If a pulley is broken, the belt may lock and keep the drum from spinning.

If you have not already removed the dryer shell, follow the instructions in your owner’s manual to open the panels and access the dryer’s internal components.

Inspect the pulley assembly.  The pulleys should turn easily. If the pulleys are worn, cracked, warped, missing, or if the pulley shaft is bent, rusted, or corroded the pulley system will need to be replaced.

Due to the complexity of repair, we recommend contacting a professional appliance repair service like It Is Fixed to replace the pulley assembly.

Possible Cause: Worn Drum Rollers, Roller Axles, or Drum Glides

The dryer drum sits on a system of rollers and glides to support the drum and dampen vibration. These parts are typically made from rubber and plastic and can wear out over time. If these parts are not functioning properly, the dryer drum will hitch and freeze causing the motor to overload and stop operating. To check these parts, remove the dryer belt and manually turn the dryer drum. If the drum does not spin freely, the rollers or glides will need to be adjusted or replaced. Contact a professional appliance repair service like It Is Fixed for service.

Possible Cause: Blown Thermal Fuse

If you have a dryer manufactured after 1980, it most likely has a thermal fuse. The thermal fuse is a safety device that trips if the dryer gets too hot. In some models, a dryer with a tripped thermal fuse may run but not get hot. In other models, the dryer won’t operate at all.

A thermal fuse is single-use only. If the thermal fuse is blown it must be replaced. The only safe way to test a thermal fuse is with a multimeter.

Fortunately, replacing a thermal fuse is relatively easy, but it is necessary to get the correct part for your specific make and model of dryer. It Is Fixed Appliance Repair carries original parts for most major brands. If you need help replacing a part, contact us to set up a service call.
Warning: Although it does happen, spontaneous failure of the thermal fuse is rare. If the fuse blew, it most likely happened because your dryer overheated. Keep in mind, a dryer that is overheating can be dangerous as it is a fire hazard. Check our dryer maintenance guide for information on how to prevent your dryer from getting too hot.

Possible Cause: Defective Dryer Motor

The dryer motor turns the drum and operates the blower. If you turn the dryer on and it hums but won’t tumble, the likely cause is an issue with the motor. Before checking the motor, first eliminate the belt and pulley assembly as the cause. If the dryer still won’t turn, test the motor by attempting to manually turn the motor shaft. If the motor is stiff and won’t turn, it may need to be replaced.

It Is Fixed Appliance Repair can check your dryer motor and replace it if needed. We carry factory original parts for most major brands. We’re available nights and weekends, so contact us if you require assistance.

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