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GE  Dryer Fault Codes

Error CodeCauseSolution
Inlet Thermistor
Outlet Thermistor
Thermistor FaultIn a dryer, heated air enters the dryer to dry your clothes. The thermistor monitors the temperature of the heated air entering and exiting the dryer drum to prevent the dryer from getting too hot. If the thermistor is not functioning properly, the dryer may scorch or melt your clothes.

To check the thermistor, first unplug your dryer.

Use the dryer manual to locate the necessary thermistor.

Inspect the wire harness and connections. Loose or damaged cables can cause this error.

If the connections to the thermistor are intact, the thermistor must be removed and tested with a multimeter tool.

Faulty thermistors should be replaced as soon as possible.

Contact a dryer repair technician for assistance.



Control Board FaultUnplug the dryer for 3 minutes to reset the main control board. Replace the main control board if the code returns when you restore power.


A Control Board Button Is StuckThe control panel of your dryer is capable of detecting when a button is not functioning properly. If you see this error, attempt to locate the stuck button by pressing each one. Once the errant button is located, unplug the dryer. Wipe around the control panel and button with a lightly damp cloth. A few sharp taps from your finger may free the button. If the button will not release, or the error appears again after the button is moving freely again, the control panel may need to be replaced. Contact your local appliance repair provider for additional help.


Power Supply Wiring FaultThe power cord for your GE dryer may have a two or four prong connection. This error occurs when the wires are not connected to the correct prongs. Refer to the owner’s manual for a connection diagram. Your dryer cannot function until the power cord is connected securely and correctly.



Door Switch FaultIf your dryer operates for five drying cycles without the door being opened, it will display this error. If the door has been opened and you are still getting this error, there may be a problem with the door switch. Disconnect the dryer from the power. Inspect the door switch for damage or debris. Clean the door switch port with a dry cloth. Reconnect the dryer to the power. If the error returns, it may be necessary to replace the door switch.
F09Slow DryingYour dryer can detect when your clothes are too damp for the drying time. Refer to our detailed troubleshooting guide for more support information.
F10No Items In DryerIf you start your dryer when it is empty, it will display this error. There is no need to “pre-heat” a dryer. Add items to the dryer before starting.
F11Items in Drum are DryTo help you save time and money, your dryer will alert you when the clothes inside are dry. Stop the cycle and remove the clothes.

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