Hotpoint Dryer Repair In Atlanta

One of the appliances that can save you the most time is the dryer. Hanging clothes isn’t quick or easy, and it doesn’t give your clothes the same fluffy softness a dryer can.

If your dryer isn’t working, don’t worry! It Is Fixed has you covered!

We offer same-day Hotpoint Dryer Repair everywhere in the greater Atlanta area.  You don’t have to wait or negotiate to get the best schedule. We show up when you need us most. Work days? That’s ok, we’re available for weekend and evening appointments as well.

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Common Problems you may have with your dryer:

  • Dryer not getting hot or getting too hot and burning clothes.
  • The dryer does not spin.
  • The dryer smells like burned rubber.
  • The dryer starts and stops.

Whatever your problem, we have the solution!

Our dryer repair specialists are on the job every day, with all the state-of-the-art tools necessary to get your dryer fixed fast and fixed right.

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