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LG Dryer Fault Codes

Error CodeCauseSolution
tE1 – Main Thermistor

tE2 – Main Thermistor

tE3 – Heater Thermistor

tE4 – Steam Generator

tE5 – Compressor Inlet Thermistor

tE6 – Compressor Outlet Thermistor

tE7 – Evaporator Inlet Thermistor

Thermistor FaultThe thermistor in your dryer helps regulate how much heat your dryer puts out by monitoring the temperature inside the dryer compartment. When the heat increases, the resistance decreases. When your dryer reaches the necessary temperature, the control panel deactivates the heater. As the dryer cools, the thermistor resistance increases, signaling the control panel to reactivate the header.

If you see this error, you may have a problem with a dryer that is getting too hot, or your dryer may not dry your clothes..

To check the thermistor, unplug your dryer from the power.

Inspect the wiring between the thermistor and the control panel. Repair or replace any loose or damaged connections.

If you have a multimeter, a properly working thermistor should read at about 10,000 ohms.

A faulty thermistor must be replaced. Typically this is not an expensive part and repairs are quick.

Note: The Steam Generator Thermistor is built into the steam generator. If the thermistor is faulty, the entire unit must be replaced.

If the thermistor and connections are not the issues, additional diagnostics are necessary. The main control panel may need to be replaced.

Contact your local appliance repair provider for assistance.

EEMain Control Board FaultThe main control board is the “computer” of the dryer. It manages all the other parts in the dryer.

  • The first step to resolve a control board error is to reboot the dryer.
    • Unplug the dryer from the power or turn off the power at the outlet using the circuit breaker.
    • Wait a full minute.
    • Plug the dryer back into the power.
  • If the error returns, the control board may need to be replaced.
  • Contact a certified repair technician for further assistance.
dEDoor Switch FaultThe door switch signals to the control panel that the dryer door is closed so the dryer can operate safely. If the door switch does not engage or send a signal, the dryer won’t turn on.

The first step is to verify that the problem is the switch. Unplug the dryer from the power.

Inspect the prong on the door that connects to the switch on the dryer body. If the prong is broken or damaged it must be replaced.

Check the door switch port for signs of damage, wear, or unexpected objects. Important: Never insert any object in the door switch port.

If there are no obvious signs of wear or breakage, the door switch must be disconnected from the dryer and tested with a multimeter.

PSPower Supply IssueYou may see this error if there is a fluctuation in power, or if the electrical cord is not plugged securely into the wall outlet. To fix, unplug the dryer from the wall and leave it unplugged for two minutes. Reconnect the power. This should clear the error.
F0Lint Filter is MissingThe lint filter protects the dryer’s internal components from lint buildup. Without a lint filter, dry, heated fabric particles could catch on fire. As an added safety feature, some dryer models do not operate without the lint filter. If the lint filter is already in place, remove it and reinsert it into its receptacle.

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