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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Reduce My Laundry? 2018-02-17T03:32:27-05:00

If you’ve ever stood at the base of Mount Washmore, you now intimidating the laundry pile can be. However, there are a few things that can help limit your laundry.


Shower Before Bed

It makes sense to wash your pajamas if you don’t shower or bathe before bed. They can get soiled with the dirt and sweat of the day. However, you also carry that dirt into your bed. You can extend the time between washes for both your pajamas and your sheets if you switch to showering at night.


Reuse Towels

You should be clean after bathing, so it shouldn’t be necessary to wash your towels every time you use them. It is important to hang them up after use so that they can dry. After three uses, your towel should be washed.


Reduce the Stash

It is tempting to buy more clothes to reduce the time between loads of laundry. This can create more of a problem than it solves. You will have more clothes to wash, and over time it can be harder to motivate yourself to tackle a huge pile of dirty clothes. It’s better to streamline your closet and wash smaller loads.


Should I Turn My Clothes Inside Out While Washing? 2018-02-17T03:31:14-05:00

Turning your clothes inside out is one of the easiest ways to preserve the life of your clothes.  

If you’ve ever had a soft cotton garment turn into sandpaper covered in bumps after a few washes, it is because the friction during the agitation cycle can damage and break delicate fibers. Those fibers tangle up, creating little fabric “pills” all over your garment.

Turning can also help prevent buttons, clasps, and zippers from getting snagged on other clothing. Lastly, sweat stains and odors are more effectively cleaned if the garment is inside out, allowing the detergent to make direct contact with the stain.

Where Can I Find A Replacement Manual for My Appliance? 2018-02-17T01:38:30-05:00

Appliance manuals are as easy to lose as they are important to keep. Whenever you have a question about your model, the manual is usually the best place to look first.  Our customers can usually find a digital copy of their manual at Manuals Online or Manual Owl.

How Much Clearance Do I Need Around My Refrigerator? 2018-02-17T01:37:41-05:00

For optimal performance, keep at least one inch of space around the refrigerator on all sides. This includes the area above the refrigerator. Your freezer and refrigerator will operate more efficiently with proper airflow. Check out our refrigerator maintenance guide for more handy tips.

What Temperature Setting Should I Use With My Refrigerator? 2018-02-17T01:37:13-05:00

Based on FDA recommendations, your refrigerator should be set to 40° F (4° C) or lower. The freezer compartment should be set to 0° F (-18° C) or lower. We recommend using a thermometer in your refrigerator to ensure the unit is operating at the ideal temperature.

Can I Put a Refrigerator in My Garage? 2018-02-17T01:36:41-05:00

Yes. Refrigerators do not require a high-voltage power outlet and can plug into a standard wall outlet. However, the extreme temperature shifts common in Georgia and the Atlanta area may cause problems with the appliance. Most refrigerators are designed to work in a temperature range that is comfortable to humans. Your refrigerator may stop working in temperatures above 110° F (110° C) or below 39° F (4° C). Check your owner’s manual for installation instructions to be sure.

If you already have a refrigerator in your garage, our guide for how to protect your appliances in the extreme cold may help you.

Do You Carry Oven Parts? 2018-01-07T21:39:46-05:00

Yes, we carry commonly needed parts for most oven brands. If you need a specialized part, we can order it for you. If you have questions about your specific brand, please feel free to give us a call.

Do You Carry Refrigerator Parts? 2018-01-07T00:51:57-05:00

Yes, we carry commonly needed parts for most refrigerator brands. If you need a specialized part, we can order it for you. If you have questions about your specific brand, please feel free to give us a call.

How Soon Can You Come Out? 2018-01-07T00:53:15-05:00

In most circumstances, we can come out the same day you call. If we can’t make it out on the same day, we will work with you to set up an appointment that works with your schedule.