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LG is a well-known and trusted refrigerator brand. LG refrigerators balance style and affordability and make an excellent addition to any home. However, even the best brand can fail. That is where It Is Fixed Appliance Repair can help.

We offer same-day in-home LG refrigerator repair everywhere in the Metro Atlanta area. Our team of appliance repair specialists have experience working with LG brand products, so you can feel confident that we can diagnose and solve almost any problem you may have with your refrigerator.

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LG Refrigerator Error Codes

Not every refrigerator problem requires the services of a technician. This list of LG refrigerator fault codes can help you diagnose the problem so you can determine if you can solve the issue yourself, or if you need professional home refrigerator repair.

Error CodeCauseSolution
OF   FThe refrigerator is in DEMO or DISPLAY Mode.LG Refrigerators have a feature which allows the refrigerator to be on, but prevents cooling. This is primarily for use in display models in a retail store. If your refrigerator is in DEMO or DISPLAY mode, it will not get cool. To deactivate demo mode:

  • Open the refrigerator door.
  • Press and hold the REFRIGERATOR and ICE PLUS buttons at the same time.
  • Hold the buttons until the control panel beeps. This takes approximately fize seconds.
  • Check the temperature display panel to confirm that DEMO mode is off.
Er 15
The ice maker fan or sensor is disconneted or malfunctioning.Use your refrigerator manual to find diagrams of the component connections.

Check the connections between the control panel and the ice maker fan motor.

If you do not locate signs of damage, check the connections between the control panel and the ice maker sensor.

If the connections are solid, the ice maker sensor or fan motor may need to be replaced. Contact an LG refrigerator repair service for assistance.

Er 22The compressor relay is malfunctioning.The compressor relay starts the compressor. A malfunctioning relay can’t be repaired, it can only be replaced. It is a fairly inexpensive part and can be purchased from
online retailers and local appliance part supply stores. To replace a LG refrigerator compressor relay:

  • Disconnect the refrigerator from the power and allow the refrigerator to remain powered down for five minutes before you begin your repair.
  • Access the compressor relay from the back of the refrigerator. The relay will be located near the compressor.
  • Replace the old replay with the new part.
  • Ensure the wires are connected securely to the new relay.
  • Return power to the refrigerator.
  • Allow the refrigerator at least ten minutes to start the compressor.
  • If the error returns, or the compressor does not start, conctact a refrigerator repair specialist for assistance.
Er 67The door cannot close properly.Check inside the refrigerator compartment for objects that may prevent the door from closing fully. Make sure all drawers are fully closed. Inspect the area where the door connects to the refrigerator unit for potential obstructions.
Er CFThe condenser fan is malfunctioning.The condenser fan discharges heat from the back of your refrigerator. This is necessary for your refrigerator to stay cool. This error displays when the main control panel detects a loss in feedback signal, or the feedback signal is less than 65 seconds when the fan is in operation. The parts that need to be checked are:

  • Condenser Fan
  • Condenser Fan Motor
  • Power Control Board
  • Wiring Harness

Inspect the parts for signs of damage or loose wiring. You can also check the part for functionality using a multimeter. If you need assistance contact a home appliance repair service for assistance.

Er C0
The control board or display is malfunctioning.The control board is a small computer inside your refrigerator that tells your computer what to do. If the control board loses connection with the display, this error displays. The issue may be caused by loose or faulty wiring, a faulty control board, or a faulty display unit. Contact repair services for assistance.
Er dHThe unit cannot defrost.During its defrost cycle, your refrigerator attemps to raise the temperature inside the unit to a predefined temperature. If the unit does not detect the appropriate temperature after an hour, this error will display. To fix the issue:

  • First, unplug the refrigerator from the power for at least five minutes.
  • Reconnect the power to the unit an allow the refrigerator to attempt a new defrost cycle.

If this does not work, there may be an issue with the defrost heater, control board, controller assembly, or relys.We recommend contacting an experienced refrigerator repair service to diagnose and resolve the issue.

r dH
F dH
Er dS
Er d5
Problem with the defrost sensorThe defrost sensor has malfunctioned and will need to be replaced.

F dS – Replace the freezer sensor.

r dS – Replace the refrigerator sensor.

F dS
F d5
r dS
r d5
Er FFThere is an issue with the freezer or icemaker fan.Frost buildup can prevent your refrigerator’s freezer fan from working properly. The most common causes for excessive frost are issues preventing the freezer door from closing completely.

First, check the gasket around the freezer door. Replace the gasket if you find holes, or obvious signs of wear and damage.

Ensure the refrigerator is level according to the guidelines for your LG refrigerator. If the refrigerator is not leve, the weight of the door may prevent it from closing fully.

Ensure the door is aligned to the refrigerator compartment. If the hinges are loose or damaged, the door may not align with the freezer compartment, which allows warm air to seep into the unit.

If the door is aligned, the refrigerator is level, and the gasket is intact, the freezer fan may be faulty. It should be tested and replaced if found to be defective.

Er F1
Er F1
Er F5
The freezer sensor is not working.The freezer sensor may be shorted or faulty. There may be an issue with the control board or the connection between the control board and the freezer sensor. To troubleshoot the issue, test each part with a multimeter and replace the non-functioning part.
Er gF
Er 9F
This error indicates low water pressure, or a flow sensor error.It is fairly simple to determine the cause of this error.

If the ice maker is too full or overflowing, the flow sensor os not working properly.

If the water pressure is low, it will take a long time for the ice maker to produce ice, and water flow through the water dispenser will be slow.

Low water pressure can be resolved by increasing the flow of water to the refrigerator.

If the flow sensor is malfunctioning, it should be replaced.

Er H5
There is a problem with the humidity sensor.The humidity sensor in your refrigerator measures the temperature and moisture level of the error. This error displays when the humidity sensor stops reporting data to the main control panel. The humidity sensor, wiring, and control panel will need to be tested for functionality.

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