Appliance Repair Question

Kevin S.
Smyrna, GA

Hi. We have a GE oven with the model number JT5000SF-1SS. We recently used the self-cleaning mode on the oven. Now the oven light stays on, and the oven won’t heat up. We hear the door lock click when we close the door, but the oven light still stays on. What is the problem?

Appliance Repair Question Technician

It Is Fixed

The first step to resolving the issue is to reset your oven.  If it is a wall-mounted oven, you should turn off the power to the oven at the circuit breaker and leave the power off for fifteen minutes. Wait for five minutes after restoring the power to try the oven.
If it is still not working, make a note of any error codes that may be on the display. There are several possible issues that would cause your oven to stop working after running a self-cleaning cycle. It could be an issue with a thermistor, the control panel, or the heating elements.
If there are no error or fault codes and the oven is still not working, we recommend contacting an appliance repair service for assistance. They will be able to check for faulty parts.
Unfortunately, self-cleaning cycles are one of the most common causes for oven repair service requests. Although it is a popular feature, many ovens cannot withstand the high temperatures for such a sustained period. For standard oven maintenance, we generally recommend cleaning using a non-abrasive cleaner instead.