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Oven Light Won’t Turn Off 2018-05-08T23:48:12+00:00

Oven Light Won’t Turn Off

Oven Light Won't Turn Off

Oven Troubleshooting Guide: Oven Light Won’t Turn Off

Oven lights are a baker’s friend. When you open your oven, precious heat escapes, increasing cook time, and even flattening delicate pastries. When your oven light doesn’t turn off, it goes from friend to energy-wasting nuisance.

Possible Cause: Oven Light Switch On

Flip the switch. Sometimes the most obvious solutions are the easiest ones to miss. Your oven switch may have been turned on by accident, so ensure the switch is in the off position. Depending on the model, the oven light switch may not be in an obvious place. If possible, refer to the owner’s manual for assistance in locating the switch. Alternately, enter the brand and model number in an internet search engine to find a diagram.

If you don’t know the oven’s model number: Check inside the oven door on the top and both sides. Next, check inside the oven near the hinges. If you cannot find the oven’s model number in these locations, it can be found on the back of the stove. Gently move the unit away from the wall to find the model number.

Pro Tip: Take a picture of the model number in case you need it again in the future.

Possible Cause: Electronic or Control Pad Error

Power fluctuations and surges can cause errors in the oven’s electronics. The easiest way to resolve a fault is to reset the oven. Disconnect the oven from the power. You can do this by unplugging it from the electrical outlet or flipping the circuit breaker. Wait 60 seconds. The oven’s power capacitor can retain power even after the power has been disconnected. The wait ensures the capacitor is fully drained of power. Reconnect the power.

Continue troubleshooting if the oven light is still on 30 seconds after the oven has been reconnected to power.

Possible Cause: Unseated Door

If the oven door does not connect with the door light switch, the oven light will stay on. To test, open the oven door and press the door light switch. If the light turns off, the door will need to be adjusted.  Disconnect the oven from the power and turn off the gas. Adjust the oven leveling feet, so the front of the oven is one inch higher than the rear of the oven. Check the hinges. If the door hinges are bent or warped, they will need to be replaced. Check the springs. Your oven may not have springs, but some models use springs to hold the door closed. To check the springs: Remove the bottom drawer. Look under the oven inside the drawer space. Inspect the springs between the oven and door. If the springs are worn, rusted, or broken, they will need to be replaced.

Possible Cause: Faulty Door Light Switch

Many oven models have both a manual oven light switch and a door light switch. If the door light switch fails, your oven light will not turn off. To check this part: Open the oven door. Locate the internal oven light switch. This should be located where the oven door meets the oven. While pressing the internal oven light switch, flip the upper light switch. Check the light. If the light turns off at any point in this process, the door light switch is at fault and will need to be replaced.

Possible Cause: Faulty Sensor, Control Board, or Wiring

Unfortunately, at times parts stop working. It is not easy to diagnose issues with these parts without the proper tools. If the above troubleshooting steps did not resolve the issue, we recommend hiring a professional appliance repair service for assistance.

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