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Oven Troubleshooting Guide: Oven Does Not Get Hot

It is tough to prepare a meal if your oven is not getting hot, or not reaching the expected temperature. The following troubleshooting steps can help you locate the issue and find the best solution.

Possible Cause: Loss of Power

If the oven does not turn on at all, there may be a loss of power at the outlet. First, gently move the oven away from the wall. Unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet and reseat it firmly into the outlet.  If the oven still does not get power, check the circuit box to ensure the circuit breaker has not tripped. Last, older model ovens have fuses as well. Refer to the owner’s manual for directions on how to access and check the fuses. Blown fuses will need to be replaced.

If the oven still does not turn on, an appliance repair technician will need to diagnose the issue.

Possible Cause: Incorrect Electrical Outlet

Electric ovens must be connected to a 220 – 240-volt outlet to function properly, but standard electrical outlets only output 120 volts. If your oven is not connected to an outlet of the correct voltage, it may not heat well, or it may not function at all. Most kitchens will have a 240V outlet on for your electric oven. If you are not certain the outlet has the correct voltage, an electrical technician can test it with a multimeter.

Possible Cause: Faulty Thermostat or Calibration

The thermostat regulates the temperature inside your oven. If the oven is not getting hot enough, it may be a calibration issue or the thermostat may be faulty. To test, pour water into a shallow, oven-safe bowl and place the bowl inside the oven. Set the oven to 400°F (240°C) and wait 30 minutes. Using caution, remove the bowl from the oven and test the water temperature using an oven thermometer. Even a 25-degree difference can cause issues with proper cooking. If the temperature is off, refer to the owner’s manual for instructions on resetting the oven’s calibration.

Possible Cause:  Electrical Component Failure

Ovens have various components such as relays, and digital selectors that may stop working. Unfortunately, the only way to test these parts is with a multimeter. If other troubleshooting steps have been exhausted, it is best to contact a professional appliance repair service for additional diagnostics.


Possible Cause: Faulty Heating Element

Under good conditions, electric heating elements have a lifespan of approximately ten years. To test the element, turn on your oven and set the internal temperature to 400°F (240°C). If the oven has exposed elements, they should turn red. If the oven’s elements are hidden, you should feel the heat emanating from the oven.

Next, turn your oven to broil. As with the previous test, you should see or feel the element heating up. If the element does not turn on, it may need to be replaced.

There may also be an underlying electrical issue. A defunct wire or faulty connection could cause a good heating element to malfunction. A multimeter is needed to test the electrical components of your oven.

If you need assistance, It Is Fixed Appliance Repair technicians offer appointments seven days a week.


Possible Cause:  Igniter

The igniter is used to open the gas valve and ignite the gas. They are necessary for your oven to function. When the igniter is working, it becomes very hot and glows. This causes the valve to open, releasing the gas for ignition. Unfortunately, ignitors are fragile and easily damaged.  The easiest way to test the igniter is to turn on the oven and wait for ignition. If it takes longer than three minutes, the igniter may be faulty. A failing igniter may also glow a dull red, or smell faintly of gas. With any of the above symptoms, the most likely resolution requires replacing the igniter.

Possible Cause: No Gas

If you have a gas oven and it is not lighting you may have a gas leak or a faulty connection between the oven and the utility line. A gas leak can be very dangerous. If you smell gas or the oven isn’t lighting (but other electrical elements work), turn off the gas immediately. Leave the house and contact It Is Fixed Appliance Repair services at (404) 407-0071.

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