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Fast Commercial Refrigeration Repair

Food safety is a necessary priority for any business that handles or processes consumables. If your refrigeration unit stops working, you must have service right away. It Is Fixed understands how critical your equipment is to your business. That’s why we prioritize commercial refrigeration repair services and offer same-day service in the Metro Atlanta area every day of the week.

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Walk-in, Reach-in, Display Case, Cooler Repair Atlanta

Common Issues

Not Getting Cold Enough

When the weather is hot, refrigeration units have to work harder to stay cool and are more likely to break down. The heatwaves common in a Georgia summer can take a toll. If your refrigeration unit isn’t cooling well or seems to be struggling to keep up, it is a good time to make a call to a repair service before the issue gets worse. Often maintenance, cleaning, or a simple repair can prevent a major issue down the line.

Smelly Ice / Dirty Ice

Bacteria and mold can build up in an ice maker. You may see black debris in your ice, or it may just have a strange odor. Other issues may include hard water deposits, filters, copper pipes, or a break in the lines that exposes the water to contaminants. Our technicians can locate and fix the issues so your ice keeps beverages cold without adding extra “flavor.”

Ice Buildup in Freezer

Most commercial and residential freezers have a periodic defrost cycle that prevents the buildup of unwanted ice. Restricted airflow, a faulty thermistor, or a relay control error may turn your freezer into a miniature glacier. Fortunately, we can track down the cause so your supplies aren’t locked in ice.

We Service These Unit Types:

  • Walk-in Coolers and Walk-in Freezers
  • Reach-in Coolers and Reach-in Freezers
  • Ice Machines and Ice Makers
  • Beer and Keg Coolers
  • Mug Chillers and Beverage Coolers
  • Prep Table Coolers
  • Sandwich Units
  • Meat, produce, and milk coolers
  • Display cases
  • Roll-through and pass-through units
  • Refrigerated Warehouses

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