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GE Refrigerator Repair in Atlanta

GE Refrigerator Repair in Atlanta

GE has been a trusted household brand for over 100 years. They’re known for making solid, dependable appliances that last for years. When your GE refrigerator needs service, don’t you want a company who can help ensure your investment will continue to last for years?

The It Is Fixed team are GE refrigerator repair specialists. Each technician is licensed, trained, and equipped to provide great service at affordable prices.

You can call on us every day of the week. We offer same-day service everywhere in the Metro Atlanta area.

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GE Refrigerator Troubleshooting

If there is an issue with your GE refrigerator, it will notify you of the issue by sounding a loud beep and displaying an error code on the user interface panel. The error code will help you diagnose narrow down the problem so repairs are easier.

Not all error codes require the assistance of a technician, and it may be possible to clear the error with a little troubleshooting.

With all error codes, it is a good idea to make sure the error is valid by resetting the refrigerator computer. Unfortunately, there is no easy reset button so the computer must be reset manually.

To reset your refrigerator:

  • Unplug the refrigerator from the power source or turn off power at the circuit breaker.
  • Leave the refrigerator off for five minutes.
  • Reconnect the power and wait five minutes for the refrigerator to reset.

If the error code displays again, continue troubleshooting.

GE Refrigerator Error Codes

Error Code Cause Solution
Internal temperature too high. This error displays when the temperature inside the refrigerator or freezer compartment remains above the specified temperature setting for more than two hours.

    • FF = Freezer too warm.
    • CC = Refrigerator too warm.

It is essential to resolve this error quickly to ensure the stored food does not thaw or reach unsafe food storage temperatures. Please check the following:

    • Press the “System Check” button on your refrigerator display panel. This will allow you to see all the currently active error conditions. If the error code “PF” displays, the warm temperature was likely caused by a power outage or fluctuation. Refer to the “PF” error for further troubleshooting steps.
    • Check the door. Your appliance cannot maintain its ideal temperature if the door is open, even a crack.
    • Ensure the door seal is in good condition. If the door gasket is cracked or worn, warm air can leak inside the compartment, raising the internal temperature.
    • For additional troubleshooting tips, check out our detailed, warm refrigerator troubleshooting guide, or contact It Is Fixed for same-day GE refrigerator repair.
PF Power fluctuation error. This error displays when the refrigerator detects unusual power fluctuations.

The first step when you see a PF error is to check the food in your freezer and refrigerator for spoilage. Discard food if it is discolored, shows signs of mold, or has an unpleasant smell.

Check the power cord for signs of wear or damage. If you see any exposed metal wiring, turn off power to the outlet from the circuit breaker and disconnect the power cord from the outlet. Exposed metal wiring is a fire and safety hazard. Discontinue use of the refrigerator until the power cord is replaced.

If the power cord is in good condition, unplug the refrigerator from the wall and allow it to remain off for five minutes. Reconnect the power cord.

If PF error returns, press the “System Check” button to check for additional hardware failures.

If no additional errors display, you may have a problem with the electrical outlet, internal wiring, or main control panel. Contact a qualified GE refrigerator repair service for assistance.

Pro Tip: It is not safe to eat food that has thawed and refrozen. If experienced a power fluctuation when you were away from home, it is possible your freezer warmed enough that the food inside is no longer safe. As a safety measure, place a cup of water inside your freezer until it is frozen. Place a coin on top of the ice. If you suspect an extended period of high temperatures inside your freezer, check the cup of ice. If the coin is not on the top the water melted and the food inside your freezer should be discarded.

CI Ice maker error. This error displays when your icemaker can’t make ice.

Inspect the ice maker. Check for debris, clogs of ice, or other obstructions. If the dispenser is iced over, it will not function properly until the ice melts.

Important: Never use a sharp object to chip ice inside your freezer or refrigerator. You may damage the compartment or condenser.

Ensure the water supply to the refrigerator is connected and turned on. If you have to turn the water off to your refrigerator, make sure to also turn off the ice maker.

Press the “System Check” button. This should clear the error. If the error reoccurs, the ice maker assembly may need to be replaced. Contact a GE refrigerator repair service for assistance.

tC TurboCool setting activated. This is not an error message. The TurboCool and TurboFreeze feature speeds up the cooling process. It’s useful during high-traffic times when the refrigerator door will be opened and closed frequently, or if a hot item was placed inside the unit. The feature automatically deactivates after 8 hours unless the user chooses to turn it off manually.
tF TurboFreeze setting activated.

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