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The efficiency of your stove top is a critical, but often overlooked component of the cooking process. For ideal food quality and safety, the range burners must warm quickly and maintain a consistent temperature. If one or more of your burners take a long time to reach full temperature or does not get hot enough, it will impact the cook time and flavor of your meal. Even more concerning is the potential of foodborne illness as a result of not sustaining the necessary temperature for food safety.

The following troubleshooting steps will help you diagnose the issue and determine the best resolution. If you need stove top repair in Atlanta or the Metro Atlanta area, It Is Fixed is available for same day* appointments seven days a week.

Electric Stove Burner Not Getting Hot 

Important: Before troubleshooting, disconnect the oven from the power by unplugging it from the wall or shutting off the power at the breaker box. If you recently used your stove top or oven, wait for the unit to cool completely before proceeding.

Possible Cause: Not Enough Voltage

Standard electrical outlets do not carry enough power to operate an electric cooktop. Your stove should be connected to a 220 – 240-volt circuit that is properly grounded. If your stove is connected to a standard outlet, it may not be able to reach full temperature, or it may not work at all. Most kitchens are equipped with a 220 – 240-volt outlet, specifically for use with a stove. If you do not know the voltage of the outlet, an electrical repairman may be needed to test the outlet with a multimeter.

Note: For safety, we do not recommend using an extension cord with your stove.

Possible Cause: Poor Connection

Time, use, and dirt buildup can loosen the connection between the burner and the terminal. Without a firm connection, the burner can’t draw enough power to heat effectively. The resolution depends whether you are using a radiant coil or glass top range.

Radiant Coil Stove Top

Disconnect the element from the terminal block following the instructions in your owner’s manual. If the burner element has wires, disconnect the wires from the element.

Pro Tip: Take a picture of the wiring layout before disconnecting the element. You can refer to this later if you aren’t sure how to reconnect it later.

Wash the element in warm soapy water set it aside to dry. Use this time to remove and clean the drip pan. When the element is dry, inspect the terminal ends. If you find rust or corrosion, clean it away with fine grain sandpaper. Rinse the terminal after sandpapering, and allow it to dry again. Next, wipe the terminal block with a clean, dry cloth. Warning: do not touch the terminal block unless the stove is disconnected from the power. Reconnect the coil to the terminal, ensuring a firm connection. The coil should not wobble or shift easily.

If you can’t plug the coil into the terminal block or if the coil wiggles in the mount, the coil or terminal may be warped or broken. If the coil reconnects properly but still does not reach full temperature, it may be a faulty element, terminal block, or thermostat.

An It Is Fixed Appliance Repair technician can locate the issue and provide factory original replacement parts. Contact us today for an appointment.

Glass Smooth Top Stove

To troubleshoot the connections for your smooth top stove, it will be necessary to access the coils under the ceramic glass. Most glass stove tops are held down with a pair of screws inside the oven. Refer to the diagram in your owner’s manual for assistance.

Warning: Use extreme care when moving the glass as this part is expensive to replace if it breaks. We recommend having another person nearby to assist.

A glass top burner consists of the element, limiter, and temperature probe, with a brace that holds everything in place. It will not be necessary to remove the burner from the brace to check the connections.

Pro Tip: Take a picture of the wiring layout before disconnecting the element. You can refer to this later if you aren’t sure how to reconnect it later.

Gently unplug each wire from the burner. Check the connections for dirt, rust, or corrosion and wipe with a clean, dry cloth. Reconnect the wires to the burner, making sure to connect the correct wires to the designated port. Replace the glass top with the screws.

If the coil is still not heating properly, it could be an issue with the limiter, thermostat, temperature probe, burner, or wires. Further troubleshooting requires the use of a multimeter. If you need assistance, It Is Fixed offers same day* stove repair service in Atlanta and the Metro Atlanta area. Contact us today for assistance.

Gas Burner Not Getting Hot

If all the burners on the stove have low flame, it may indicate restricted gas lines or an issue with the gas flow regulator. We recommend contacting a certified appliance repair service like It Is Fixed for assistance with this issue. If only one burner has a low flame, you may be able to resolve the issue yourself.

Before attempting any repairs on your gas stove: Turn off the gas at the source and disconnect the power by unplugging the unit from the wall or turning off the power at the breaker box.

Possible Cause:  Burner Obstruction

Remove the top cap over the burner and inspect the gas orifice. If there is rust, dirt, or debris, the orifice must be cleaned. Wipe the burner head with a cloth that is damp, but not dripping. Use an old toothbrush to remove dirt and food residue between the burner head slots. Use a sewing needle or thin wire to clean residue from areas the toothbrush can’t reach, including the ignition port. Wipe away any remaining residue and allow the burner to dry completely. Remember to replace the burner cap before using the burner.

Possible Cause:  Gas Valve

Newer model gas stoves may have a manually controlled gas valve that regulates the height of the flame. Refer to your owner’s manual to determine if your model stove has a gas valve. The control valves are often behind the burners on the range, but your owner’s manual will tell you the valve’s exact location. Adjust the valve to increase the height of the flame.

If the burner still has a weak flame, there may be a problem with the burner, thermostat, or gas lines. It Is Fixed offers stove top repair in Atlanta and the Metro Atlanta area. Contact us today for an appointment.

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