Stove Repair – Stove Top Heats Unevenly

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Stove Repair – Stove Top Heats Unevenly

A stovetop that heats unevenly can wreak havoc on your meals. One part burns, another doesn’t cook all the way through. The result is a lot of ruined meals.

There are many reasons why your burner may not be heating evenly, and It Is Fixed Appliance Repair can help you get to the bottom of the issue. This troubleshooting guide covers the most common causes of a stove top heating unevenly.

Important: Unplug your unit and make sure that your stove top is completely cool before troubleshooting.

Possible Cause: Incorrect Pan/Skillet Size

If your stove top is heating unevenly, your cookware may be at fault. If the pan or skillet exceeds the diameter or the burner by more than an inch, your food may not cook evenly. Your owner’s manual will list the size of pans and skillets recommended for your burners based on their diameter and heat radius. As a rule of thumb, it is better for the burner to be larger than the cookware, than for the cookware to larger than the burner.

Pro Tip:  Pans made of copper or stainless steel heat more evenly than aluminum or cast iron. Pans with a thicker base of any material will provide a more even overall heat.

Possible Cause: Dirty Burners or Connections

Burnt-on food or grease on the burner can create spaces between the burner and cookware resulting in an uneven heat. On radiant coil burners, a loose connection or dirty terminal may cause the coil not to heat fully. Thoroughly clean the burner following the tips in our Stove Maintenance Guide and test for uneven heat. If the issue persists, further troubleshooting is required.

Possible Cause: Uneven Burners

If your burners are not level, food will heat unevenly as it cooks.  To determine if this is an issue, place a pan that fully covers the burner on the stovetop. Drip water into the pan and watch where it rolls. If the water always rolls in the same direction, the burner is uneven. Many stoves have removable burners to make cleaning easier. These burners can shift during use and may need to be adjusted.  To balance the burner, gently remove the burner it from the stove following the instructions from your owner’s manual. Reseat the burner firmly, ensuring a solid connection between the base of the burner and top of the stove. If this does not resolve the issue, the burner element may be warped, or the terminal socket may be bent.

Possible Cause: Warped or Faulty Burner Socket

If the stovetop burner socket is warped or damaged, it might cause the coil to heat unevenly.  To test the socket, replace the burner element that is heating unevenly with a different burner that you know works correctly. If the problem persists, inspect the burner socket for signs of rust, damage, charring or burn marks. If the socket’s prongs appear bent, singed, or otherwise damaged, the socket will need to be replaced.

It Is Fixed Appliance Repair carries original manufacturer parts, and offers same day* stove repair in Atlanta and the Metro Atlanta area. Contact us today for assistance.

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