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Viking Refrigerator Repair in Atlanta

Viking Refrigerator Repair Atlanta

With Viking, you can have professional-quality refrigeration systems in the comfort of your own home. It makes sense that you wouldn’t want to trust your investment to just any appliance repair company. That’s why you should call the Viking refrigerator repair specialists.

It Is Fixed offers superior Viking refrigerator repair service seven days a week. Our technicians are on call everywhere in the Metro Atlanta area. When you need premium support for your premium refrigerator, call It Is Fixed.

Viking Refrigerator Error Codes

The control unit of your Viking refrigerator monitors the vital components of the unit. If a fault is detected, the digital display presents an error code to help locate and repair the issue.

The first step to resolving any issue is to verify the error is legitimate. To verify an error code, you will need to reboot the refrigerator.

To reboot your refrigerator:

  • Unplug the refrigerator from the wall or turn off power to the outlet at the circuit breaker.
  • Wait five minutes.
  • Return power to the refrigerator.

If the error code returns, it is a legitimate error. Refer to the following chart for further troubleshooting assistance.

Error Code Cause Solution
E1 A compressor fault has been detected The issue may be caused by disconnected compressor wires, a faulty compressor, control, or the compressor PTC starter. It may also be the result of a compressor overload.
E2 A condenser fan motor fault has been detected. Possible causes for this error include a damaged or faulty condenser fan or control. It may also indicate that the condenser fan wires have been disconnected.
E3 A fault with the evaporator thermistor has been detected. This error may be caused by disconnected wiring, shorted wires, or a faulty thermistor. It is necessary to test all connections and the affected parts to repair the issue.
E4 A fault with the display thermistor has been detected.
Ed Failed defrost temperature sensor It will be necessary to locate and replace the failed part.
Eu Failed upper zone temperature sensor
EL Failed lower zone temperature sensor

It is not reccomended to attempt a self-repair of the above issues. Contact a Viking refrigerator repair service for assistance

Error Code Cause Solution
CL Condenser Coils need maintenance. To keep your refrigerator running at optimal performance, it is necessary to periodically clean the condenser coils. In our refrigerator maintenance guide, we recommen cleaning your refrigerator’s condenser coils every six monh
do The refrigerator is open. If your refrigerator door is open for too long, an alarm will sound. Close the refrigerator door to resolve the alarm.
Hi The refrigerator is too warm. There are several issues which may prevent your refrigerator from cooling efficiently. Please check out our detailed, warm refrigerator troubleshooting guide for detailed instructions on how to resolve the issue.
Lo The refrigerator is too cold. If the refrigerator is too cold, it may freeze food items that should not be frozen. To resolve the issue, lower the temperature settings for your unit.

If the settings are as they should be, inspect the door gasket around the refrigerator. If there is a leak, your refrigerator may work in overdrive to keep the compartment cool.

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