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Washing Machine Won’t Unlock

A washing machine that won’t unlock is a nuisance and can be a safety hazard. The automatic door lock mechanism is a safety feature included in most washing machine models; it prevents the door or lid from being opened when the machine is in mid-cycle. When the door doesn’t open, clothing will begin to mildew and add more time to the laundry process. The following troubleshooting guide covers the most common causes of a washing machine that won’t unlock. If you need immediate assistance, It Is Fixed Appliance Repair is happy to help. We offer same day* washer repair appointments seven days a week. We have trained technicians available in Atlanta and the Metro Atlanta area. Contact us today.

Possible Cause: Faulty Lid Switch

The lid switch and lock motor keep the door of the washer closed when it is in use. It works as a latch that “locks” the door in place. Make sure that your machine is turned off and plugged, and attempt to open the door. If the door will not open, wait fifteen minutes and give the washer a chance to “cool” after running. Many lid locks are heat activated, and this might disengage the latch. If you have a Top-Loading washing machine, use a piece of string or small wire to reach inside the latch mechanism and carefully try to dislodge the lock. If you have a Front-Loading unit, you will need to drain any standing water by removing the lower access panel. Follow the instructions in our washing machine won’t drain guide. From inside the front panel, you can access the latch release. In some models, it may be necessary to disassemble the door to manually release the latch. Our trained technicians can assist with this process.

Possible Cause: Door Striker/Hook

The door striker also called the door catch, or hook is the mechanism that physically locks and unlocks the door when it’s in use. If the door striker is damaged, the washer might “read” the door as unlocked even when it isn’t. The hook that creates the locking seal can become damaged or broken. Also, the striker plate itself can become rusty, dislodged, or damaged. Examine the locking area for signs of damage, debris, or rust. You will need to drain the washing machine, and then attempt to unlock the lid or door. This issue is difficult to diagnose if the door or lid is still stuck. Give It Is Fixed Appliance Repair a call for assistance.

Possible Cause: Control Board Issue

An issue with the control board can cause your washer to register as in-use even after the wash cycle is completed. This will prevent the door lock mechanism from releasing the door or lid so that it can be opened.  Many issues can be resolved by “resetting” the washing machine. To reset the machine, unplug it from the power for 60 seconds. Reconnect the power and give the washer a few minutes to fully reboot. Check the door to see if it unlocked. If not, the control board itself may be faulty. Consult your user manual for specific guidelines regarding your unit’s control board, and then open the top or rear access panel. Look for signs of damage or rust on the wires or the connectors of the control panel.  If the control board shows signs of rust, it will need to be replaced.

Additional testing of the control board requires the use of a multimeter. Our technicians have all the tools on hand to get you back up and running on the day you call us. Book an appointment today for washer repair services.

Possible Cause: Lid Hinge

The lid hinge is what attaches the washing machine lid or door to the main body of the unit. These can are made of plastic or metal; plastic components can break or become damaged over time, whereas metal hinges can become rusty or stuck. Begin by unplugging your unit. Then, check to see if you can see and access the lid hinge from the exterior of the machine – some units require the door or lid to be open to access these components. If you can see the lid hinges, look for signs of damage. Replace the lid hinges if there is damage to the hinge itself or the connector pin.

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